Historical Timeline

  • Haemonetics aquires Altivation Software, NeotericTechnology, and SEBRA
  • Haemonetics aquires Arryx, Inc.
  • A filter bag product for surgical blood salvage is introduced
  • The SmartSuction SOLO®, the eQue® blood donor management software, the ®eLynx software, and the Cymbal® next generation red cell collection system are introduced
Cymbal system
  • The Cell Saver® 5+ system, the ®cardioPAT surgical blood salvage system, and the ® Harmony®SmartSuction system are introduced
  • Direct U.S. sales of the OrthoPAT® surgical blood salvage system begin
cardioPAT full image
  • Haemonetics acquires the Bloodstream® product line
  • The plasma collection bowl with leukoreduction is launched
  • 0.9% sodium chloride is introduced at the Union, South Carolina facility
  • The Department of Defense awards Haemonetics a contract for research on blood freezing technology
  • The ACP® 215 system cell washing protocol is introduced
ACP 215 deglycerolization setup
  • The American Red Cross launches a double red cell collection program using the Haemonetics 8150 system
  • The CP2D anticoagulant, ACD-A anticoagulant, and AS-3 red cell additive are introduced at the Union, South Carolina facility
  • The HS Core plasma bowl is launched
  • The Superlite® plasma collection system is introduced in Japan
  • Haemonetics acquires a plasma collection bottle manufacturing facility and Fifth Dimension Information Systems
  • The ACP® 215 automated deglycerolization system is introduced
  • Haemonetics reaches the $1 billion market cap
MCS+ 8150