Historical Timeline

  • PlasmaSaver® autologous PRP system is introduced
  • A plasma collection contract is signed with Alpha Therapeutics
  • The Holbrook, MA manufacturing facility is opened
  • The 5-day platelet product is released on the V50®+ system
  • The Ultralite® mobile plasma system, the HaemoLite® cell salvage system, and the RIS® rapid infusion system are introduced
  • Dr. Allan "Jack" Latham, Jr. is named “New England Inventor of the Year” by the Boston Patent Law Association
  • A plasma collection contract is signed with Miles-Cutter Biological, Inc.
RIS rapid infusion system and Cell Saver 4 system
  • The Department of Defense contracts for deployment of the Cell Saver® 4 and Model 115 systems at military installations and on ships worldwide
  • Haemonetics goes private via leveraged buyout
  • The Cell Saver®+ and the Cell Saver® 3+ blood salvage systems and the 30+ apheresis system are introduced
Cell Saver 4 and Model 115 systems ready to ship
  • The PCS® system, the Cell Saver® 4 (the first automated high speed blood salvage technology), and the SteriCell laboratory processor are introduced
  • Haemonetics is acquired by American Hospital Supply Corporation
  • The Model V50® Phase 2 automated blood component separation system launches
  • The Cell Saver® 3 (the first automated blood salvage system) is introduced
  • The first international headquarters opens in Nyon, Switzerland
  • The Model V50 phase 1 automated apheresis system and the Cell Saver® 2 blood salvage system are launched
PCS systems